Welcome to The Resident


The Resident is the up-and-coming student accommodation in East London, much like our young urban target audience. Our accommodation is designed to create a space for students to live, study and play in. It’s our goal to match committed higher education students to the high-quality accommodation they deserve.


We believe that going to University is a rite of passage, and it is every bit about getting an education as it is about getting a social life! Now we know that sounds a bit daunting for parents, but it’s true. Where students stay and play, forms a core part of the university experience, and a big step in the “growing up” process. It’s in these very spaces that friendships are formed, connections are created and life-long lessons are learnt.

And for the hip and happening student, an old-style dormitory, just ain’t gonna cut it anymore. They’re looking for something modern, up-tempo, stylish and convenient. A place they can call their “home away from home.” A place they feel completely comfortable to live and learn in. And our diverse portfolio of student accommodation does just that.

For parents, it’s never easy sending your fledgling into the big, wide world to spread their wings… and we understand that. Our apartments couple the modern look-and-feel, with the security, safety and structure that their home offers. All our facilities are professionally maintained and well run. It goes without saying that getting a good education is the reason we’re all here and we’re equally dedicated to providing spaces that encourage students to learn and push towards their academic goals.

Each apartment has its own kitchen and bathrooms (2 showers and 2 toilets), and accommodates a maximum of 7 people.
Each unit has an option of single room or two sleeper room.


Chill Room
Computer Room
24H Security
Laundry Room